If you are not willing to deal with small problems, you will be destroyed by slightly larger ones.

When you come to understand this, you are welcoming them as CHALLANGES, that will brought you to VICTORIOUS in the future.

With LOTTE DUTY FREE INDOENSIA will provide and support your eager knowledge to achieve more higher goal and target in your career path.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?



How to be part of our FAMILY Member of LOTTE DUTY FREE INDONESIA?

There are 3 Core Values that has been part of our work culture since we grow together up until today!







"Wow!" can be define as a "slang" or a normal word that represents something unique. "Wow!" oftenly awarded as a responds of something new, innovative, or even questioning that beyond your expectation. In LOTTE DUTY FREE, through "Wow!" you can positively encourage others for doing more positive impact through what they are doing.

"Service" is one of our biggest passion related to the retail duty free industry. Great "Service" is the output for great people who gather the same idea which has a common positive motivation to serve better with a common target. This positive environment are built from supporting every single aspect of others life which can be deliver by a simple word called "Wow!".

As the word of "Wow!" has made a positive impact through others life yet a simple word, LOTTE DUTY FREE INDONESIA specially encouraging our internal (between co-workers) and external (customer and partners) , for delivering service through a genuine heart.







TOGETHER means individuals that being gather either has the same motivation or the same idea. But also "TOGERTHER" doesn't guarantee a positive synergy due to the differences of other individual interest. By knowing each other strength and weaknesses, it will blend their individual interest and build a positive synergy. That way, we can stand up "TOGETHER".

By learning this basic method, LOTTE DUTY FREE INDONESIA not only grow stronger, but also build a good relationship with all employees and partners.







Love what you work, and work will paint your life with full of joy. Embrace new challenge to develop personal life and career path. The heavy work load or criticism from others could lead to be haters or fear. But if we do it with HEART no matter where we work, it'll draw greater outcomes that surpass expectation of the present.

It's within our heart that lead our professionals of LDFI to a genuine character and contribute a great success to LOTTE DUTY FREE in INDONESIA.