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by Tigin Pesa
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The economic sector since the Covid-19 virus outbreak has really taken a hit. Indonesia itself faces a situation where the economy is lying down only in the count of days. This situation then began to look for a solution carefully, and the Indonesian government decided a new normal or a new normal as a middle way and the greatest way to deal with it.

The new normality gives business people the desire to return to welcome the next day, because it is possible to work again. Of course, with a special note, namely applying strict health procedures.

Welcoming the new normality, it is not wrong for business people to change, including for the benefit of trademark indonesia product tactics. So, what about good branding tactics in this new age? Read the narrative first below, trademark Indonesia tactics Products in the New Normal Age

There is a need to apply strict health procedures, making branding activities need to be changed according to these regulations. This situation creates many boundaries, for example, you cannot visit the crowd to distribute circulars to the public.

Therefore it is necessary to do an overhaul so that branding activities can run and have maximum results, here are a number of product branding tactics that are suitable to be applied in the new normal era.

1. Connect with Social Medium
Social media is one of the best things to do in running a business in new normal, because it allows the promotion process to be achieved by loyal customers everywhere. So build social media accounts properly and professionally so you can continue to connect with loyal consumers.

Even though the online medium that provides facilities for business people to connect with loyal consumers is not only social media, social media is really famous and is one of the sites that many internet users have visited, especially during isolation in the midst of the outbreak. Until the advertising and account opportunities appear to loyal consumers are greater than other online media.

2. Can Be Found Online
Isolation regulations during the outbreak, such as social distancing in Indonesia, make the consumption scheme of citizens different. Generally moving from off line business transactions to more secure online. So that making sure products can be found online by loyal consumers is important.

Except for creating accounts on well-known social media, try to provide the web, Google Business, and the like so that loyal consumers are easily found.

3. Provide Alluring Offers
If the business is easily found by loyal customers, what are the next steps? It is recommended to make attractive offers, whether in the form of discounts or shopping packages that are more economical than buying a unit.

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