• Personal information

Personal information is information about an individual who is still alive and information that can identify individuals with names, IDs, etc. included in that information.

Including those that can be easily identified and combined with other information even if specific information cannot be identified by the information itself.


  • Membership

It is a member who can use various membership system (VIP member, L. POINT card) service provided by Lotte Duty Free Shop.


  • L.POINT member

It is a member who can use L.POINT service as integrated online member according to Lotte Group's Single Sign On policy.

'PT, SJ INDONESIA' (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') places great importance on the protection of personal information of members, and in order to comply with related laws, we have established a "Personal Information Processing Policy" and abide by it. The Company will disclose the personal information provided by the member through the personal information processing policy for what purpose and how it is used and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.


Article 1 General Provisions

The company discloses its personal information processing policy at the first page of its homepage, so that its members can easily view it at any time. In addition, the personal information processing policy may be changed due to changes in the laws and guidelines of the government or changes in the internal policies of the company, and the procedures necessary for the continuous improvement of the personal information processing policy are determined accordingly. If you change your personal information processing policy or change your personal information processing policy, we will notify you through the personal information processing policy on the homepage's homepage.


Article 2 Collecting personal information items and collection methods

  1. Personal Information Collection Items


Collection Item

Offline Vip Member

Required Information

1) General Members

- Name (Korean, English), passport number, sex, date of birth, nationality, mobile phone number

Optional Information

1) General Membership

- E-MAIL, Address, Mobile phone number

(*) Departure Information: Departure Date, Departure, Destination, Direct / Passage, Flight

(*) Payment information: payment method, card selection, installment selection, installment period


  1. Non-member management
  1. The company may also purchase non-member customers goods and services. The company requests only personal information that is necessary for the payment and shipping in case of non-member orders.
  2. If you make a purchase from a non-member company, the payee information and the recipient information entered by non-member customers will not be used for any purpose other than for payment related purposes


Article 3 Collection and Use of Personal Information


The Company collects personal information for the following purposes in order to provide better quality services.


[Collection and Use of Personal Information]




Membership Management

- Identification by Member Access

- Customer consultation, customer complaint receipt and processing, record keeping for dispute settlement

- Notification delivery

- Prevention of illegal use and prevention of unauthorized use


Completion of service delivery

- purchase, payment and refund, delivery of goods

- Personal authentication and financial services

- Compliance with information management obligation

- Fraudulent use: Repeatedly stealing other people's name, re-joining after withdrawal of membership, canceling after purchase of goods, to receive economic benefits such as event benefits, discount coupons, etc.


Article 4 Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information


  1. In principle, we collect personal information of the collected personal information once the purpose of keeping it is completed, we immediately destroy the personal information. Personal information that has been collected and used for the purpose of use is transferred to a separate database and kept safely in accordance with internal regulations and related laws. When the period expires, it will be destroyed without delay. At this time, the personal information transferred to the separate DB will not be used for any other purpose unless it exceeds the purpose agreed by the user or the law.
  2. If the user has consent to the storage period, he / she will hold it until the agreed period and will terminate without delay when the period ends. However, if specified in the parent law, a separate retention period will be observed.


Article 5 Matters concerning the provision of third parties of personal information


  1. The Company shall use your personal information within the limits specified in the "Collection and Use of Personal Information" and "Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information" of the User, and may use the personal information beyond its scope without your consent, Or to other business organizations.

The following are exceptions.

If the member agrees in advance

Before providing personal information of a member to a third party, the Company will notify the member and agree to all of the following:

- Person who receives personal information

- Purpose of use of personal information of person receiving personal information

- Items of personal information provided

- The period of possession and use of person's personal information

  1. In cases where the law enforcement obligation is complied with, or the investigation agency requests personal information according to procedures and methods established by the related laws for investigation purposes
  2. Amount of business, etc.

The Company shall, in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by the related laws, such as the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, provide information on the transfer of personal information in advance And grant Members the right to withdraw their consent to the transfer of personal information.

  1. As set forth in the Act on Personal Information Processing Policy, we will share and provide information about our members under the special agreement of the third party under the selective agreement and withdrawal of the customer.


[Providing and sharing personal information]




personal information items provided

Retention & Use Period

Lotte Duty Free Shop Jeju (stock)

Busan Lotte Hotel Lotte Busan Duty Free Shop







- Provides management consignment consulting contract and alliance service - Resolving customer inquiries and complaints

- Information registered by members to use Lotte Duty Free Service

- Buyer management information (based on notification about the operation of the bonded shop)


- During the membership retention period and when the member is canceled




  • In case of providing or sharing information of members through partnership, there is a disadvantage due to the fact that there is a right to deny the consent of the person to be provided or shared, provided or shared personal information and the purpose of providing, In the event that the disadvantages are notified to the member in advance, the consent is obtained.
  • In the following cases, it is possible to provide personal information without the consent of the member under the provisions of the related laws and regulations.
  1. When necessary for settlement of points and delivery of goods according to service provision
  2. If there is a request by the investigation agency in accordance with the procedures and procedures prescribed in the Act for the purpose of investigation,
  3. to provide certain individuals in an unrecognizable form if necessary for statistical writing, academic research or market research.


Article 6 How to view, correct, terminate and withdraw consent of personal information


  1. Members can view or correct registered member information at any time.
  • Offline members

If you are an offline member, you will be able to process your personal information, correction, and withdrawal promptly through your visit to the branch or through the Customer Center (Tel. 021-29889552). If you are a L.POINT member, please contact L.POINT Customer Center (Tel.021-5724044) to let you know whether you want to withdraw your membership. However, L.POINT's membership information modification and termination are not related to VIP member information of Lotte Duty Free Shop.


  1. If you request correction of errors in personal information, we will not use or provide the personal information until you complete the correction. Also, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party without delay and correct the result of the correction process.


Article 7 Person in charge of personal information protection and complaint handling


  1. The company is doing its best to make safe use of good quality information. In case of any incidents that arise against the matters notified to you in the protection of personal information, the company takes all responsibility. However, despite technical remedies, we are not responsible for any damages caused by unexpected accidents caused by basic network dangers such as hacking, and any disputes caused by posts made by visitors. The person responsible for protecting and processing personal information of members is as follows, and we respond promptly and faithfully to inquiries about personal information.


[The person responsible for protecting and processing personal information of members]

Person in Charge






Privacy Manager

Bayu Setiawan

Sales Operational


021-2988 9584

Privacy Manager

Vitra Widinanda



021-2988 9584

Privacy Manager

Choi WooJin



021-2988 9584


  1. The company operates a customer center to ensure smooth communication with its members. Contact details are as follows.

Lotte Duty Free Customer Service Center Phone: 021 – 2988-9552

? Telephone consultation is possible from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays.

If we receive your e-mail or homepage, we will respond promptly and faithfully.



Obligation of notice


Our current privacy policy will be effective from 01/01/2019. If there is any addition, deletion or modification of the contents, we will notify you from 7 days prior to revision through announcement of website. In addition, our privacy policy gives version numbers and revision dates so that we can easily know whether they are revised.


Privacy Policy version number: v1.00

Personal Information Processing Policy Change Notice Date: 2019-07-05

Change Privacy Policy Enforcement Date: 2019-07-07